Judge Education

Individuals who wish to begin their judging career with CWEA undergo a comprehensive training and professional development program to ensure that their commentary as well as the rankings and ratings of the units they judge are in compliance with a consistent judging philosophy. Training to be a judge can take from one to three seasons and involves academic and practical judge training in a curriculum developed by our Judges Education personnel, Christine Clayton, Tim Landess, and Mike Stone.

Judges local to CWEA continue their certification and remain eligible for assignments by working with our education personnel on programs and activities that promote their evolution as a judge and allows them to stay current in the ever-evolving winter guard, winter percussion and winds activities.

Individuals with significant design, instruction or performance experience in the pageantry arts are eligible to enroll in our training program and work towards their judging certification. To express interest, please complete our contact form below.

Note that part of our winter guard training curriculum includes the wgiCertify courses developed by eAdjudicate. To get a head start on your training, please visit their site.