Mission Statement

The mission of the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association is to create a positive and rewarding performance experience for our youth and to develop a nurturing environment that will enhance the skills of the performers and instructors at all levels.

Aims and Goals

Our aims and goals are to utilize our collective influence to improve the ethical standards and quality level of the winter program, so it will be of maximum benefit to its youthful participants, and will continue to be worthy of the general public. This will be accomplished by the following:

  1. Presenting a unified approach, as necessary to insure continued improvement of the rules under which we operate and complete.
  2. Working closely with those who judge our performances, to encourage continued improvement on the general level of education and competence of the judges, so that we can obtain consistent evaluation of our programs based on the rules.
  3. Cooperating with contest sponsors and the membership of the CWEA to:
    • Ensure that the Carolina Winter Ensembles Association receives enough sums of money to remain solvent.
    • Obtain facilities and conditions which meet the ensembles needs and are commensurate with the sponsor's ability to provide them.
  4. Striving to improve the quality of our performances, so that the paying public will increase its support of our programs.
  5. Conducting a Circuit Contest. (hereafter called the Carolina Winter Ensemble Association Circuit Championships)